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Top Tips When Looking To Insure

Insuring your home is an important investment that we must all look into at some point, sometimes situations arise that result in damage to your home or belongings and it’s always best to be protected.

Here we have a few tips on insuring your home and point out some things to consider.

First of all, you need to understand why you need insurance in the first place. Insurance is a service and precaution that is put in place in the event of something damaging your home amongst many other things. Having insurance protects you financially if something were to happen, for example; A storm hits your house and a tree falls onto your roof, luckily no one is hurt but your house is now almost inhabitable.

If you have home insurance, you can call them and arrange for somewhere to stay for the night (higher premiums will pay for this). You can then go on to make a claim to your insurance company and get the roof of your home repaired as soon as possible. Having insurance will protect you from having to pay for this damage out of your pocket. On average, a full roof reconstruction can cost up to £33,000 - this is not the kind of money that most people have lying around.

Paying excess

Its easy to think that it is logical to have a higher excess fee to keep the costs of your monthly premium down. However, this isn’t always the best thing to do. An excess or excess fee is a sum of money that your insurance company will require you to pay towards the cost of your claim. This is something that you will discuss with your insurance broker when setting up your insurance if this isn’t discussed or you forget to check, take a read through your policy and the details will be there.

Treasured Items

Almost every home will contain something of great value to the occupants, through working in private client insurance for many years we have found our clients benefit greatly from insuring and professionally valuing these items:

Art collections

Many of us invest a great deal of money in artwork around our homes to showcase our personality and flair, depending on the art these can come at a price.


Unique pieces that make your home yours, antiques are treasured and beautiful to look at, but often one of a kind making them very hard to replace.


Whether its value lies in sentiment or its monetary value jewellery is often the target of many burglars and can be tricky to replace if it is a one-of-a-kind piece.

Vehicles & supercars

After your home your car is potentially the largest investment you will ever make, some may see their car as their pride and joy.

Fine wine collections

An acquired taste that some enjoy more than others, wine collections can rack up a big bill if spilt or stolen.

All of these items are of high value, whether sentimental or monetary it's important to cover yourself to ensure that you are not at a loss. Insurance is a great investment for both money and peace of mind.

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